How Do You Maximise Learning?

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I spend a lot of time researching some of the most innovative teaching and learning ideas from around the world. This blog aims to showcase some of these ideas. How to maximise learning is a question that lies at the heart of every student’s individual success, school improvement and even national economic growth.  For a … Read More

Best practice examples of the Digital School

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The idea of 1:1 education is further developed in the USA, so I’ll take some examples from there. Pennsylvania’s 1-to-1 computing initiative Classrooms for the Future It has supported 12,000 teachers and 500,000 students statewide. The programme equips English, maths, science and social studies classrooms with internet-connected laptops and advanced learning resources. A key finding … Read More

Save money and improve teaching in the Digital School

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Digital content saves money and liberates the teacher Digital content can be updated continuously – and delivered instantly and far more cheaply than printed content. It can be embedded with video, hyperlinks, animations and individualised, self checking tests. The savings may even pay for the necessary infrastructure. Indeed more than one US school district is … Read More

Personalised learning in the Digital School

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Digital learning gives students an element of control over time, place, source of information and pace. It allows students to learn in their own way, on their own timetable, wherever they are, often at a time that suits them. And a sense of control is a fundamental element in motivation. Students are already using digital … Read More

The right sort of praise

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We love our children – and it’s natural to praise their efforts. The right sort of praise builds self-esteem and the traits of success, but the wrong sort can lead to problems. Praise for effort It’s tempting to tell your child she is clever. “You learned/did that well because you are clever.” But sometime soon … Read More

Ideal components of the Digital School

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The ideal digital school would have a virtual learning environment, interactive whiteboards, high-speed internet access, mobile learning devices with response software and learning apps, e-books, educational games and online assessment and free high-quality material from the internet. A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), similar to Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Platform. The basic content on the VLE would include syllabus, … Read More