Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd was founded in the UK in 1983 by Colin Rose to research and develop books and programmes that enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

Today, the Accelerated Learning International Group represents over a dozen companies operating in innovative education across Europe and covering all age groups from infants to seniors.


Colin Rose has developed a strong belief that students may differ in their basic academic ability, but EVERY student can be taught how to be a better learner. And so improve their motivation and performance.

Building on work on study skills and the development of intelligence at institutions such as Harvard, UCLA, and Oxford universities, he identified a number of learning techniques and strategies that had a proven effect on results.

Why Accelerated Learning?

More has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 25 years than in all history to date. Methods developed by Colin Rose with Accelerated Learning are based on that research.

We each have a preferred learning style — a way of learning that suits us best. If you know and use techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn more naturally.

Because it is more natural for you, it becomes easier. And because it is easier, it is quicker. Hence the name – Accelerated Learning.

Our brands in the UK

Our brands in Poland


Founder of Accelerated Learning in the UK and author of books on innovative education, including the original ‘Accelerated Learning’. His uniquely effective learning frameworks ‘CHAMPS’ and ‘MASTER it Faster’ are widely used in schools and universities. And many language schools in Europe use ‘The Colin Rose’ method with outstanding success.


A thousand teachers, 30,000 pupils and 250 schools in 16 European regions and a North Pole research station are taking part in our EU-endorsed £6 million project that changes the way children learn science at school.