Superfoods for young children

By Pre-school learning

The top 10 brain-healthy foods that young children need – and like The first 5 years of life – the pre-school years – are vital for a child’s brain development. In particular for a child’s ability to focus, and to fully develop his or her memory and cognitive skills. Indeed, researchers say that the brain … Read More

Secrets of discipline for young children

By Pre-school learning

How is it that when you visit a pre-school nursery class there can be 10 -12 toddlers sitting quietly, raising their hands politely to talk and actually cooperating?? How do the nursery school teachers do it? Here are some of their secrets. Use language that assumes compliance Saying “If you stop painting, we can go … Read More

The right sort of praise

By Pre-school learning, School learning

We love our children – and it’s natural to praise their efforts. The right sort of praise builds self-esteem and the traits of success, but the wrong sort can lead to problems. Praise for effort It’s tempting to tell your child she is clever. “You learned/did that well because you are clever.” But sometime soon … Read More