Delay Ageing book by Colin RoseCOLIN ROSE'S NEW BOOK "Delay Ageing"

What if getting older didn’t mean getting ill?

Researchers into ageing at universities like Cambridge, Oxford, University College London in the UK, and Harvard Medical School and Berkeley in the US, have – over the last decade – come to a startling conclusion.

There are ten biological processes, common to all of us, that underlie ageing. If they are not counteracted, ‘age related diseases’ develop – dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer.

BUT each one of these ageing processes can be slowed, delayed, or in some cases even stopped or reversed.

The result is to delay ageing. If you delay ageing, you automatically cut the risk of the diseases that ageing triggers. And you increase your health-span – the years you stay healthy.

Written by Colin Rose in a clear and approachable style for a general audience, this book reveals what YOU can do to DELAY AGEING
  • The 10 fundamental causes of ageing and how each one can be overcome.
  • How to turn on genes that repair damaged DNA.
  • How immune systems can be strengthened to fight disease – whatever your age.
  • How to protect your brain as you get older.
  • How to lower both blood pressure and blood sugar levels – key threats to longevity.
  • How your microbiome affects ageing – and how to ensure a healthy gut.
  • How to disconnect biological from chronological ageing.

Delay AGEING: Healthy to 100
Colin Rose
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Delay Ageing book by Colin Rose

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5 stars

Delay Ageing is a good read - and worth reading
"Colin Rose has assembled a wealth of data here linking diet and lifestyle to health, how it goes wrong and how to put it right. It's a good read - and worth reading!"
Dr Paul Clayton, former Chair of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine

5 stars

Delay Ageing explores the new frontiers of longevity
"This is exciting stuff! Colin Rose’s landmark new book, Delay Ageing, navigates the rapidly evolving science of longevity with an engaging and accessible style - a comprehensive overview of choices we can take through nutrition and lifestyle which can greatly impact the course of our health span."
Hartley Pond, California

5 stars

Well written and easy to read
"World diet/nutrition research collected and squeezed into easy-to-follow sections. The way Colin Rose explains makes it easy to understand why we get ill as we get older and how to avoid long term illness - keeping mobile for longer. Easy changes we can all make."
R J Nichol, Buckinghamshire

5 stars

Keep healthy despite our age
"Really easy to read ... full of interesting facts backed up with loads of research, summarised beautifully at the end of each chapter. So much of what Colin Rose writes about is do-able, and he takes a balanced approach, aiming to send us on our way for many extra years in good health. Definitely worth reading."
M Askew, Cheshire

5 stars

An important read
"Definitely worth a read, I look forward to reading it again when I hit 100!"

5 stars

"An interesting, informative, well-written book by an expert author covering the factors that cause ageing followed by a comprehensive plan to delay ageing. An enlightening read that offers sound advice - and hope."
M J Nagele

5 stars

Ageing can be a graceful and less painful process
"This is a fascinating book... Colin Rose addresses the many problems of ageing in very clear but comprehensive prose, explaining that the aim is not to live to 150 but how we can avoid or lessen many of the problems concerned with ageing, such as dementia, and thus minimise the years of decline. I recommend this book thoroughly."
Laurence A Orchard, Worcestershire

5 stars

A great informative read
"Immensely readable. Unlike many other books of the same genre, this book has been written to communicate rather than simply to impress!"

5 stars

Easy to read and inspiring
"Rose makes the science behind why we age and how to slow - or even reverse - ageing, understandable. I found it really inspiring. Everything he suggests is easy to achieve and I can see how each piece of the jigsaw would make a difference."
Book Clubber

5 stars

This is a brilliant book
"This is a brilliant book … In the end you are very much the wiser about the processes involved in energising the human body. He uses the research of many distinguished academics and coordinates their theories meaningfully to the reader. I commend the book to everyone irrespective of their education and knowledge."
Amazon Customer

4 stars

"A very refreshing and articulate read. Reaches a new understanding of old age concerns and provokes a stimulating alternative view of managing the process."
Amazon Customer