Delay Ageing book by Colin RoseCOLIN ROSE'S NEW BOOK "Delay Ageing"

What if getting older didn’t mean getting ill?

Researchers into ageing at universities like Cambridge, Oxford, University College London in the UK, and Harvard Medical School and Berkeley in the US, have – over the last decade – come to a startling conclusion.

There are ten biological processes, common to all of us, that underlie ageing. If they are not counteracted, ‘age related diseases’ develop – dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer.

BUT each one of these ageing processes can be slowed, delayed, or in some cases even stopped or reversed.

The result is to delay ageing. If you delay ageing, you automatically cut the risk of the diseases that ageing triggers. And you increase your health-span – the years you stay healthy.

Written by Colin Rose in a clear and approachable style for a general audience, this book reveals what YOU can do to DELAY AGEING
  • The 10 fundamental causes of ageing and how each one can be overcome.
  • How to turn on genes that repair damaged DNA.
  • How immune systems can be strengthened to fight disease – whatever your age.
  • How to protect your brain as you get older.
  • How to lower both blood pressure and blood sugar levels – key threats to longevity.
  • How your microbiome affects ageing – and how to ensure a healthy gut.
  • How to disconnect biological from chronological ageing.

Delay AGEING: Healthy to 100
Colin Rose
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Delay Ageing book by Colin Rose

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