Colin Rose's learning techniques for secondary school children

Learning HOW to learn for 11-14 year-olds

CHAMPS is a unique, fun online program that teaches students how to learn more effectively and retain more of what they have learned.

Fascinating recent discoveries about the brain and how people learn have led to the recognition that each student has a way of learning which suits them best – a preferred learning style.

If students can be helped to recognise that preference – and acquire the techniques that best match their own learning style – they become better and more confident learners.

Devised and written by Colin Rose, CHAMPS breaks down the learning process into 6 sections:

CHAMPS provides dozens of proven techniques for motivation, goal setting, concentration, understanding, note-taking, memorising, stylish writing and revising – plus successful exam strategies.

The techniques include:

  • successful revision and exam taking
  • effective memory and self-testing strategies
  • good time management
  • clear, well planned writing
  • achievable goal setting
  • more sustained concentration
  • speed reading with improved comprehension
  • making easy-to-remember notes

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Learning CHAMPS
Colin Rose
A4 format full-colour guidebook detailing the CHAMPS learning to learn system devised by Colin Rose.

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"I'm impressed. Students need this desperately."
Charles Reinart, PhD, Profesor of Physics, Southwest State University, Minnesota