About Accelerated Learning

"The programme is a winner. It can help almost anyone of any age to improve their learning."
The Association for Further and Higher Education, England

"… radically different … There are so many features about the programme that recommend it to the learner."
Education News, Nottingham

"A far cry from conventional methods … one of the most memorable self-learning opportunities we have seen."
British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education

"… a wide range of active, fun and interesting techniques to create a relaxing, enjoyable and high quality, beneficial learning experience … Accelerated Learning could become the new competitive weapon."
Elizabeth Valentine, Banker’s Institute, New Zealand

"… stimulating effective and enjoyable. We shall encourage the adoption of the Accelerated Learning approach."
The Department of Employment, UK

"Accelerated Learning has proven to be an instructional technology whose time has come."
Journal of the American Society of Training and Development

"People will discover their preferred way of learning and use their brain capacity more fully. Learning becomes more enjoyable, easier, more effective and faster for people who have discovered ‘accelerated learning’."
Open Learning Today magazine

About Accelerated Learning in Schools

"We have had remarkable success using your learning skills materials with parents, teachers and pupils of all ages. It is an invaluable framework for enhancing the speed and motivation for learning of both teachers and students across a wide range of topics."
Ian Millward, Education Department, London Borough of Newham

"The results of Accelerated Learning have been spectacular. Many staff started off being sceptical, but some are surprised - even shocked - by the progress these youngsters are making."
Bridley Moor Comprehensive School, Redditch

"Children using Accelerated Learning are racing ahead … the results are spectacular."
Daily Mail

"It’s really improving the educational experience for our boys."
Graham Able, when Headmaster, Dulwich College, London

About Foreign Languages

"… it made a huge difference to my experience of living abroad."
Margaret Henson, Luxembourg

"In German, the students have appreciated … the Accelerated learning method so much that they have requested extra lessons outside the course hours!"
David Kram, VCA Opera, Melbourne

About Fundamentals Pre-school Programmes

"FUNdamentals brings together a tremendous array of activities to help parents understand the vast potential that the young child has … I love it!"
Mary Ellen Mauntz, Director Montessori International

"FUNdamentals provides the best building blocks I have ever seen for raising a brighter, happier child. Any parent can transform everyday life into a fun, exciting learning adventure."
John Abbott, Director of Education 2000 Trust

"FUNdamentals is an essential aid to the responsible parent. I wish it had been available for the education and enjoyment of my own children."
Sir Christopher Ball, Director of Learning for the RSA

"The parent program of the 21st century. A goldmine for any parent. A collection of materials like this can measurably boost a child's intelligence"
Lyelle Palmer, Professor of Education, Winona State University, Minnesota

"I write expressing my thanks and amazement with regards to your FUNdamentals programme. I have a four and a half year old daughter called Jessica, who has greatly benefited … Her teachers are astounded at how bright she is."
Mrs Michelle Thomas, Derby

"FUNdamentals is a wonderful guide for not only parents, but for anyone who loves children and cares about their development … I have found the information to be of the utmost importance."
Jessica Rutter, Escondido, California

"I feel I should share some of the results that both my children have achieved, as quite honestly I am astounded!! I think your learning programs are a marvellous start to a child's education and recommend them to my friends and family."
Nicola Drewer, London

"I have never seen anything that covers subject matter so thoroughly in so many ways. It's like have a whole pre-school at home. It's fun and you can involve the whole family. In certain areas my two year old is at the level of a four-and-a-half-year old."
Sheri Briggs, San Diego, California