Delay Aging recommends some supplements to help get you to the range and level of nutrition that really can help counteract the processes that otherwise drive aging.

You can buy these food supplements yourself – and the table below gives you the full details.

Alternatively, we have, over the years, developed, an inclusive supplement called Nutrishield that contains all the nutrients balanced for the best, synergistic results. There are six caplets that come in convenient ‘day pack’ sachets that look like this. A month’s supply is 30 sachets.

You can find Nutrishield on

What to look for if you are buying the supplements separately.

Vitamins and Minerals
All 23 but incl. vitamin D3 at 800iu’s, high level B complex, and B3 as nicotinamide
Omega 3

(at 1,000 mg)

(EPA 330 mg)

(DHA 220 mg)

Curcumin – with Piperine



Green tea extract



Grapeseed Extract (50mg)

Bilberry extract (10mg)


Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols

Beta carotene (7mg)

Lycopene (5mg)

Lutein (6mg)


Soy isoflavones (40mg)


Marine Polyphenols

Ascophyllum Nodosum (50 mg)